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Here at Reflex Roofing and Construction, our team is dedicated to offering excellent deck and patio services in Ridgeland. 

In need of a brand-new patio? Just talk to our techs about a customized consultation. 

Or perhaps your current deck is looking the worse for wear? Following a detailed inspection, experts can advise whether new decking boards can simply be attached on top.

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What Are The Best Materials for Remodeling a Deck?

Thinking about renovating an unsightly, old deck? 

One of the most important components to think about will be the new deck’s material. 

It is essential to buy a substance that looks outstanding, since the right material can immediately boost the home’s curb appeal. 

However, because a deck has to undergo a lot of exposure to the elements, it also needs to be built from tough materials so that it can endure for many years.

Our knowledgeable technicians can explain the distinctions of many kinds of decking, including:

  • Pressure-treated wood decking
  • Composite decking
  • Cedar decking
  • Hardwood decking
  • PVC decking
  • Aluminum decking

How Long Does It Take to Renovate a Patio?

A well-constructed patio is another great way to open up a property and get the whole family to enjoy the great outdoors more. 

However, if the patio has suffered erosion from heavy rain and continual foot traffic, it could likely use a fresh look. 

Although many residents are eager to know how long this project will take, the answer depends on several components. 

The material of a patio greatly influences its remodeling time. 

For instance, a patio made of concrete can take just one day to be poured, but it will require a few more days to be cured. 

Patios made of brick, stone, or marble involve a lot more labor to cut, shape, and set the pavers. 

The dimensions of the patio, in addition to any complicated patterns or features, will also affect the process length. 

Does A Patio or Deck Need to Be Sealed?

Because the installation process of a deck or patio is a big investment, it is understandable that residents would want to cut costs wherever possible. 

However, skipping the process of sealing is not recommended, at least for homeowners who want their outdoor spaces to last a long time. 

Particularly in the state of Mississippi, sudden storms of rain, hail, and wind can scratch or dent the surface of a patio or deck. 

The best way to protect these surfaces is by sealing them, which also decreases the amount of maintenance required. 

Speak to our techs at Reflex Roofing and Construction for more info about making any new decks and patios shine their best. 

How Can You Ensure The Safety Of Your Remodeled Deck?

Safety should be a top priority in deck remodeling. 

This includes proper structural integrity, secure railings, appropriate stairs, and meeting building codes. 

Hiring a professional can help ensure these aspects are addressed.

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