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Generally, a roof that is at least two decades old will begin to experience issues from gradual wear and tear. To prevent the roof from experiencing cracks and leaks that will cause extensive water damage, it is important to arrange for dedicated examinations. These inspections will allow us to find any signs of damage or deterioration so that they can be repaired right away. Our thorough Ridgeland roof inspections enable homeowners to benefit from roofing care before the worst happens. Our team can even offer 10% discounts for our loyal first responders, healthcare professionals, educators, and veterans.

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What Takes Place During a Roof Inspection

During a roof inspection, it is important to make sure that both the inside and the outside of a roof are fully secure. A professional will start by looking at a house’s interior to find any signs of water intrusion. This is because water damage inside means there is certainly damage on the outside as well. Indications of mold, moisture, or discolored stains show that the roof has likely sprung leaks. If there is not enough insulation or it has become rotten from water damage, roofing experts will advise for this to be replaced as well. 

After investigating the interior, a roofer will examine every component of the roof’s outside. The flashing, caulking, seams, and shingles or tiles must be closely scrutinized. If there is a gutter system, it would be helpful to look at this too, as faulty gutters contribute to failing roofs. 

How Often to Schedule a Roof Inspection

Experts usually advise annual checkups for houses that have been constructed more than twenty years ago. However, even roofs that have been recently built should be inspected every couple of years as well. Depending on how many storms the region has suffered, the roof might be starting to experience minor issues. A roof surrounded by many trees is also more liable to suffer from broken or falling branches. To avoid the loss of structural integrity, reach out to our specialists. 

Signs It Is Time to Schedule a Roof Inspection

Only a professional using a comprehensive check-up process can assess how much damage a roof has actually endured. For this to occur, however, residents must first alert their dedicated team that their roof might be in trouble. 

A few indicators that it is time to have your roof examined include situations where:

  • A storm has recently blown through
  • There are holes allowing light inside 
  • Lots of shingle granules have washed into the gutter
  • Utility bills have gone up quickly from poor ventilation
  • The attic smells strangely musty

When these signs are present, do not wait to contact our talented professionals at Reflex Roofing and Construction.

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