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Roof Repair in Ridgeland

Fixing Madison County’s Complex Roofing Issues

Suffering from a faulty roof? Roofs are supposed to stand strong, but many years of wear and tear and poor weather mean they will eventually falter. Our team at Reflex Roofing and Construction is dedicated to fixing troublesome roofs, no matter the cause. Turn to us for trustworthy, fast roof repair in Ridgeland. Because we know that roofs may fail at the most inconvenient of times, our skilled techs also provide emergency support. In your time of need, our specialists are just a call away.

We are even happy to offer lifetime warranties, so reach out to us online or speak to our techs at (601) 258-8899.

How to Recognize That a Roof Needs Prompt Repairs

Most people associate a faulty roof with one that is springing leaks. It is certainly true that rain pouring in through a roof is a major problem. However, not all roofs leak when they are starting to fail. Recognizing the warning signals that a roof is malfunctioning is important to prevent more water damage from occurring. Proactive homeowners can avoid expensive replacements by getting in touch with our experts for prompt repairs. Our dedicated technicians would be happy to get started with thorough repairs so the roof is standing secure once again.

Some of the most common indicators that a roof is in trouble include:

  • Missing granules from multiple shingles
  • Parts of the roof that are starting to sag
  • Broken tiles or cracked shingles
  • The presence of moss, mildew, and mold on the roof
  • Visible signs of leaks or large holes in the attic
  • The presence of animals and insects making their nests in the roof
  • Red, yellow, or brown stains from water damage
  • Shingle granules clogging the gutter
  • Suddenly high utility bills because the heated or conditioned air is escaping

Are Missing Shingle Granules a Problem?

Anyone who has a shingled roof will be very familiar with seeing granules scattered around their home from time to time. Shingle granules are tiny, colored grains made from stone that have been crushed and then screened. Without these granules, asphalt shingles would not have the right color and texture. Now, it is completely normal to find loose granules on the ground or in the gutter, especially right after a roof installation. Roofers often put extra granules on purpose, making sure the whole area is covered.

Unfortunately, these pressed granules do not always stay in place when they encounter harsh weather. This can become a big problem when large amounts of granules start to fall off, often after a major windstorm or rainstorm. If the shingles lose most of their granules, they will have less edge protection, leading to more tears. Bald shingles are also more prone to experience leaks. When too many shingles are missing their granules, it is time to get the roof repaired right away by our team at Reflex Roofing and Construction.

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